Transaction Services


For over 20 years our team has facilitated the sale of high value businesses in the wine, vineyard, and craft brewing sectors, working with both multinational corporates and private family owners – always in the best interests of our clients.

For us, it’s not about achieving a quick sale and moving on to the next assignment. We offer real world, considered advice and spend the time upfront to understand how to undertake complex transactions to achieve the very best outcome for our clients.

Our approach typically includes:

  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of the individual business and the owner’s objectives.
  • Assessment of the key business strengths, unique selling points as well as preparations required to be sale ready.
  • Assessment of the target value range
  • Determine the most effective approach to market.
  • Identification and management of potential buyers.
  • Negotiation of the transaction on the best possible terms and structure.
  • Work with legal, accounting and other professional service providers to finalise due diligence and transaction documents
  • Assist all stakeholders to bring the transaction to a successful completion.


We don’t just sell businesses, we also provide advice and assist investors and corporations with the acquisition of assets including vineyards, wineries, and craft breweries that complement their established portfolios.

The advantages of engaging an industry expert to assist with acquisitions includes:

  • Knowledge of potential opportunities that will fit a buyer’s profile and budget;
  • Providing the opportunity to assess the market confidentially.
  • Providing independence and industry knowledge to fast track negotiations.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you require assistance.


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